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So let’s start off by asking the question what is The Interventionist?

We are a new online media platform set up by the performance collective British Intervention inspired Edward Snowden’s leaks regarding activity within the NSA back in 2013, and the extraordinary work by documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras and Intercept journalist Glenn Greenwald. In fact, you’ll be hearing a bit from Edward Snowden a bit later on in this very Podcast.


We hope to become part on a lineage of media outlets that exposes those in power and bring those who consider themselves as untouchable to account. All our investigations are series based. This means a piece of work is never complete, its always evolving, that way we strive to deliver information that’s not only truthful, but current. From written editorials, to photographs, videos and events. We want to work across multiple platforms to provide content that’s engaging, and creates a discourse that considers the power structures and economic system of the future. Some of the investigations we have on the go at the moment include Arts and the Working Class, and an exploration into Vladimir Putin’s kingdom that is Russia with our Inside Russia series.

The Interventionist Podcast

Art is a Weapon 

You can get in touch with us here at The Interventionist, if you think there should be a topic for discussion that we’re not covering, or if you have an idea for a new series investigation, or if you simply just wanna get involved with the show, contribute to the publication or send us a tune. Drop us an email on or on our various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by searching The Interventionist.


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