Art is a Weapon 


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Ali Wright 


​March: 22-24 2018 - Žižkovská Noc
























​May: 9th and 12th 2018 (20:00) Fragility Takeover


British Intervention


'The Gesamtkunstwerk' is an ongoing performance art event project. Synthesising Live Art, Postdramatic Theatre, Performance Art and Live Music, GSMKNSTWK is a cross-pollination and examination of the volatile flux of modern Politics, Art consumption, Social resistance and the power of Artistic Congregation in the Live modality and Mediatized augmentation. The primary object of interest being the transformative notion and constitution of Violence.

GSMKNSTWK develops the BI tradition of pulling together disparate and oft conflicting concepts of art practice through a period of transformation to establish truly modern and contemporary forms of Art that belong to the vanguard. As politics hurtles through a state of constant transformation, our practice, dramaturgy and research continues to analyse this tendency for rapid transformative change.

The Gesamtkunstwerk of hopes and dreams, pain is chasing pleasure.

Besser wird’s nicht, you know things don’t get any better.

To none I am now owed, a debt of burden removed, forever.

Violence is as violence does, The Eagle swoops on an unsuspecting Dove.

Have I seen the last of you? Disappearing behind the window view of a car setting off.

Into the distance you become a dot. I dread to think as your

Fading call runs out of earshot.