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Intervention Records is an extension of our work within live performance.  

Bohemian Rude Boys

Looking over my left shoulder
At the right side of a car door which isn't open anymore it’s shut.
I suspect someone got in the back seat as I’m stood a few feet back.
Interesting revelation.
Cant quite remember, cant quite recall, whats over that shoulder, maybe should've had a
look before.
Hands on my hands. Mouth over mouth

Wir Tanzen Wir Träumen
Wir Sterben
In a back seat of a car thats stolen

Wir Tanzen

     In the

Wir Träumen

     back seat

Wir Sterben

     of a car


      thats stolen

Torso in between legs. Chest against Chest.
In the back seat of a car thats stolen
Knees to knees- elbows on cut glass.
Speed brake turn, under the over pass.
Just 12 hours left.

Ich habe Angst.
The Bohemian Rude Boys are here at last.
Un-heimlich manoeuvres
And an aurora which unsettles the northern lights.
They orchestrate the nights corrupt.
And fucked up.
And mash ups.
Crack heads
And knackered bag heads
Zip ties
And two fish, shit fingers
Is not what you asked for they decide at what time you die.

Back to the 109
Traffic lights
And Bohemian Rude Boy Rhyme

B.I.6 - It's the end of the beginning, mate