British Intervention is a collective of many. Through artistic interventions our aim is to accelerate social change, we go about achieving this by standing by our core principle being that ‘Art is a weapon’. 

Below is a list of contributors and British Intervention Members who have directly funded British Intervention projects, without them our art has no life and to them we are forever indebted. The British Intervention funders collective is:

Beatriz Cabecadas | Kate Radford | Nick King | Sasha Harrington |

Josh Spriggs | Shannon Mulvey | Dr Luis Campos | Daniel King-Pullen | Anne Winstanley | Olivia Dean | Anonymous | Emily Britton |

Rebecca Bains | Sarah Hemming | Andy Crook | Rosalind Othen |

Luc Hale | Anne Condé | Chris Mawson | Josie Paine | Hannah Varker | 

Lydia MacRitchie | Jessica Randall | Carol Ross | Amanda Williams |

Cath Mattos | Georgia Maskery | Hannah Elsy | Sophie | Leila Herandi |

Holly Franklin | Karen Francis | David Francis | Laura Harris |

Rebecca Pollock | Matthew Wright | Tom Durrant | Julia Shevelova |

Robin Paley York | James Eeles | Nwando Ebizie | Jayne Needham

Honourary Patrons: 

Dr Luis Campos  

​Anne Winstanley 

Carol Ross

Karen Francis 

​David Pullen


Art is a Weapon 

British Intervention